local school bus

SAVANNAH – A student fell out of a school bus on Monday afternoon.

A witness contacted Pasa La Voz saying that a “child fell out of the emergency door of the bus.” According to the witness the student hit their head.

The Pooler Police Department confirmed that a minor fell out of a school bus in the Benton Blvd. area. Pooler PD responded to the scene due to its proximity to its jurisdiction but the said the incident “actually falls under the jurisdiction of the Savannah Police Department.”

The School Board says they don’t have much information to give us other than what the Savannah Police Department (SPD) told them Monday night.

They say the SPD told them that “the child apparently opened the emergency door at the back of the bus and either jumped or fell.”

No one has been able to provide information on the status of the minor.

They believe the school principal is going to visit the child today.

We are waiting for SPD to respond to our request for information. We will update as soon as we have more details.

Sarah Galarza is a bilingual journalist based out of Savannah, GA. Her reporting is known for shedding light on issues often not seen in mainstream media.