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South Carolina – Joan Taylor sits down with The People’s Beat and shares the hardships her family endured for years. Her son, Timothy Taylor, was wrongfully accused in the disappearance and murder of Brittanee Drexel. Joan says her family has been humiliated and wants to clear her son’s name.

Standing at the podium speaking to the media in defense of her son, Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor, as well as the rest of her family, Joan Taylor chose to open her statement denouncing the false accusations against her son in the Brittanee Drexel murder case with an empathy that the Taylors have rarely been on the receiving end of themselves. “Our hearts go out to the Drexel family,” Mrs. Taylor opened, “as they always have. We understand that the tragic loss of Brittanee’s life has forever changed their family. As a mother of three, it pains me to even think about losing a child.”

Mrs. Taylor broke down numerous times as she detailed a childhood accident that almost took Timothy from her as well as the false accusations that threatened to take him away again. Her family and friends rose from their seats behind her to comfort her as she pressed on with her statement. Over and over again in her brief statement, Mrs. Taylor spoke of the damage done to her family. But what does that look like?

After taking a short break to gather her emotions, Joan sat down with The People’s Beat for an exclusive interview to detail a small portion of what her family had been through as a result of this ordeal. In the exclusive sit-down interview, Mrs. Taylor speaks of a family life modeled after the one her parents gave her, filled with family vacations to theme parks and frequent game nights. She talks about how these false accusations have turned that life on its head as she’s hesitant to even go to the grocery store in their tight-knit McClellanville community now. She talks about where she finds the strength to remain strong for her family. And, perhaps most importantly, she talks about her son, Timothy. Please stay tuned to The People’s Beat for more coverage of the Taylor family’s fight for justice. 

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