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Today we are asking for your help to sustain local reporting in our community. These are unprecedented times and we are working around-the-clock to provide the best possible coverage, sometimes taking risks to keep the Spanish speaking community in South Carolina informed. In the meantime, we’ve had massive cuts to our revenue stream as we, like other local businesses, are at a critical moment. 

As we continue our coverage we are calling on individuals, businesses, and community foundations to help fund COVID-19 coverage and deliver life-saving news and information.

Even $25 can help. Donate today.

In addition to our independent news gathering, we are also focused on serving our underserved community by providing English to Spanish translation of emergency press conferences from local and state government officials in real-time.

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Fernando is the Editor-In-Chief of Spanish-language news outlet, PasaLaVozSavannah.com. Fernando was previously the CEO & Publisher of, NuestroEstado.com until its merger with Pasa La Voz....